IFIS&IZ congratulates to all Muslims on Eid al-Adha

IFIS&IZ gratuliert allen Musliminnen und Muslimen (arab.: ʿĪdal-aḍḥā; türk.: Kurban Bayramı) zum Opferfest und wünscht alles Gute sowie gesegnete und frohe Festtage im Kreise der Familien, Freunde und Mitmenschen. Das viertägige Opferfest der Muslime ist eines der zwei höchsten islamischen Feiertage und bildet den Höhepunkt der Pilgerfahrt (ḥaǧǧ), welche nach islamischem Kalender im 12. Monat […]

IFIS&IZ wishes a blessed and happy Ramadan feast

With the end of the blessed month of Ramadan Muslims around the world celebrate the blessed Ramadan feast (Arabic: ʿEid al-Fitr; turk: Ramazan Bayramı), which is considered next to the Feast of Sacrifice (Arabic: ʿEid al-Adha) as the most important feast in celebrated Islam. It lasts three days and is committed as a result of […]

IFIS&IZ congratulates all Muslims on the blessed Lailat al-qadr

In these days in which Ramadan is drawing to an end we expect at the same time in joyful excitement the highlight of this blessed month: “The night of Power” (Lailat al-qadr) – according to the Qur’an a night that is more valuable than thousand months. Following a tradition of the Prophet Muhammad (saw), this […]

IFIS&IZ congratulates on the occasion of the beginning of holy month of Ramadan

The holy month Ramadan will start on the 11th March 2024. Ramadan is the month of special purity, serenity and security. It is a month during which Muslims exert more efforts to refrain from all forms of sin, seeking repentance and forgiveness according to the teachings and values of Islam. Ramadan is the “month of […]

IFIS&IZ wishes to all Muslims a blessed Laylat-al Baraat

On 24th February 2024, Muslims all over the world are going to celebrate Laylat-al Baraat, the blessed “Night of Absolution” occurring on the night of Saturday to Sunday (Arab. laitat al-barāʿa, türk. Beraat Kandili). According to the Islamic calendar, this is the night between the 14th and 15th Shaʿbān. In this night the infinite grace […]

IFIS&IZ congratulates to all Muslims on the occasion of Miraj

On 6th February 2024, in the night of Tuesday to Wednesday; Muslims are celebrating the great day of Miraj, the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) ascent to heaven (Arab. lailat al-miʿrāǧ). IFIS&IZ congratulates to all Muslims on this special occasion and asks Allah (c.c.) to help us to gain his pleasure. The Ascension of the Prophet Muhammad […]

IFIS&IZ welcomes the beginning of the Holy Three Months and the night of Raġāʾib

Friday 12th January 2024 is the 1st Raǧab according to the Islamic calendar and marks the beginning of the Holy Three Months (Raǧab, Šaʿbān and Ramaḍān) which is considered among Muslims as the beginning of a particularly blessed time. The night of Raġāʾib (arab. lailat ar-Raġāʾib, türk. Regaib Kandili) introduces us to the Holy Three […]

IFIS&IZ congratulates all Muslims on the occassion of Mawlid

According to the Islamic moon calendar the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has been born on the 12th night of the third month Rabī’al-awwal. The day that the Prophet graced the world (pbuh) (arab.: Mawlid an-Nabī; türk.: Mevlid Kandili) is considered as one of the five blessed nights in the Islamic tradition and will be celebrated this […]

IFIS&IZ congratulates on the occasion of New Hijri 1445

According to the Islamic lunar calendar, we are approaching the new Islamic year 1445 on 19th July 2023. We congratulate all Muslims on this occasion and wish a new Hijri year which brings us an end of injustice, disputes and oppression. We hope the new Hijri brings us peace, justice, modesty and faith. The new […]