Ornamental Arabic lantern with burning candle glowing at night mosque background. Festive greeting card, invitation for Muslim holy month Ramadan Kareem.

IFIS&IZ wishes to all Muslims a blessed Laylat-al Baraat

On 24th February 2024, Muslims all over the world are going to celebrate Laylat-al Baraat, the blessed “Night of Absolution” occurring on the night of Saturday to Sunday (Arab. laitat al-barāʿa, türk. Beraat Kandili). According to the Islamic calendar, this is the night between the 14th and 15th Shaʿbān. In this night the infinite grace and mercy of Allah are given to those who turn aside in sincere repentance to their Creator. IFIS&IZ congratulates all Muslims on this particular night, and we pray to Allah that He would let us partake of His infinite goodness and mercy.

The word „barāʿa“, which means in Arabic “absolution” or “redemption”, signalises the Divines forgiveness and the clearing of people’s sins. The infinite mercy of Allah is especially characterised in this night. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) compares the infinite mercy metaphorically with the countless number of hairs of the entire sheep flock of Banū Kalb tribe (at-Tirmidhī, Hem 39).

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) spent this special night with additional ritual prayers, supplications and prolonged prostrations, and used to fast the following day. According to the tradition, the Prophet (PBUH) recommended his community (Ummah) to do the same:  “When the night of mid-month Shaʿbān occurs, get up in the night for prayer and fast on the following day”. Because Allah the Exalted reveals on this night with His mercy on the Earth’s skies and asks until dawn: “Is there no one asking forgiveness that I may forgive them? Is there no one asking sustenance that I may grant them sustenance? Is there no one under trial that I may relieve them? It goes on like that until dawn rises”, (Ibn Mājah, Iqāma, 191).

In this sense, we should take this beautiful night as an opportunity to reflect our lives and actions and to turn away by repentant prayers of all sins, iniquities and transgressions. May Allah, the Almighty, help us and enables for the sake of this special night a peaceful and harmonious coexistence of all peoples.

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