Prof-Cinar-mit seinen Doktoranten

Prof. Dr Çınar welcomed and congratulated the doctoral students who have successfully completed their doctorates while actively serving in the KUDEM institutions

Prof. Dr. Hüseyin İlker Çınar, who actively contributes to KUDEM’s institutions in the fields of science, art, culture, and social affairs, congratulated Dr. Sinan Özdemir (Dr.-Ing.), Dr. Ferhat Eryurt (DBA), Dr. theol. Emin Yıldırım, and Dr. Faruk Çivelek (Dr.-Ing.), who have successfully completed their dissertations in different disciplines in addition to their duties at KUDEM. Prof. Çınar pointed out that KUDEM’s material and moral support and promotion of science, art, and culture will continue to increase both domestically and internationally. More students from various disciplines who are active within KUDEM will complete their master’s and doctoral degrees nationally and internationally.

Prof. Çınar further stated that KUDEM, with the grace of Allah and as a service to society and humanity, has established the largest civilian academic Islamic library in Europe and has made another significant contribution with the multilingual KUDEM Children’s Library, which contains 50,000 books. All these contributions are not coincidences, Prof. Çınar continued, underlining the need to rehabilitate the mind and heart, to ensure the unity between mind and heart, otherwise the contributions for the revival and development of the people will always remain ineffective. Prof. Çınar described KUDEM as a place where seekers of their own true essence find companionship and help, where the unity of mind and heart is rebuilt and further developed, a place that has made it its mission to be both breath and love to people on this endeavor. Prof. Çınar explained that serving people and creatures by putting mercy and forgiveness is essential on this path.

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