About US

The Institute for Islamic Studies and Intercultural Cooperation is a new founded institute located in Mannheim. It is based on a civil initiative. The opening ceremony took place simultaneously with the institute’s first international symposium “Spirituality in religion and culture” in June 2011.


The researches of the institute are focusing on the fields of Islamic studies, oriental studies and in particular the intercultural cooperation. There is still limited access to the fundamental works and sources describing Islam and its developments. The objective of the institute is therefore to enable the German and English-speaking world access to the literary and intellectual heritage of Islam.


The work of the Institute starts here with the translation and interpretation of the scriptures. With a contemporary and progressive approach, the Institute wants to bring the wealth of knowledge of Islam closer to the science and society from an internal perspective and thus make a contribution to mutual understanding.

For this purpose, the Institute has built up a multilingual and exclusive library with a current stock of over 70,000 books containing the fundamental works of Islam in Arabic, German, English, Turkish and French (the library stock is constantly being expanded). In addition, the Institute has several seminar rooms, a language laboratory and a conference hall equipped with the latest technology with seating for up to 200 people.


Further projects of the Institute are:

  • education of Arabic and English language,
  • support for students and scholars in their academic work,
  • organization of symposia and lecture series.
  • The Institute is a far comprehensive and independent initiative, which seeks in the long term, the training and education of excellently trained scientists and scholars.

Financing & support

Beyond private donations and membership fees the Institute receives support from the sponsoring association KUDEM e. V. (www.kudem.com)