IFIS&IZ welcomes with joy the time of Itikaf in the last ten days of Ramadan, which is spiritual purification of the soul & heart

Our beloved Prophet (pbuh) has practiced Itikaf (Iʿtikāf ) within the last ten days of Ramadan. Itikaf means to go “into retreat and seclusion” and “to wait with the intention for I’tikāf in the Masjid”. I’tikāf is Sunna of the Prophet (puh) and is a special spiritual purification of the heart by retrieving from the profane and to devote to prayer and services to Allah. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (pbuh) used to practice during his lifetime.

It is revealed from Aisha (r. a.) – the wife of our Prophet (pbuh) to dignify the holy month of Ramadan but especially the last ten days of Ramadan: “Our Prophet (pbuh) showed great endeavor to worship and to service Allah (c.c.) in the last ten days of Ramadan more than he did in other times”, and “Our Prophet (pbuh), showed serious endeavor to appreciate the nights of the last ten days of Ramadan, and urged his to do it also family members.”(Abū Dāwud, ṣalāṭ, 318; at-Tirmiḏī, ṣaum, 73).

During the period of Itikaf our Prophet (pbuh) also used to seek for the Night of Majesty, which is revealed to within the last ten days of Ramadan. The Night of Majesty is a night of intense spirituality and peace: The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, taught, “Whoever stands in prayer during The Night of Majesty, motivated by faith and seeking reward from God, their past and future sins will be forgiven.” [Bukhari & Muslim]. The revival of an almost forgotten Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (pubh) will have for those who remember and practice as a reward the love of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and be together in paradise (at-Tirmiḏī, Sunen, Ilm, 39/16).

May Allah not disperse us from his Prophet (pbuh) and His Gate, neither from his acquiescence nor from His acceptance. May Allah not disperse us from His sincere servants who await His Gate. May He grant us and our descents His prosperity as He did with the Companions (r.a.) of the Prophet (pbuh) who brought the Sunnah to today. May this holy days and nights bring peace, love, and fraternity and healthy to mankind, with this prayer and wish…

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