Classic-Islamic Madrasa Studies from an Academic Perspective

On Friday, 14th October the IFIS&IZ al-Ġazzālī Academy has started the classic-Islamic Madrasa Studies from an academic perspective in the European context. The initiative and the concept of this unique project in Germany has been developed by the Founding Director honorable Prof. Dr. Hüseyin İlker Çınar. Intensive preparations including numerous consultations and workshops with international renowned scholars, university professors and experts have resulted into the 4-years study program. Graduates of the 4-years program will be able to apply for the authorization to teach (iǧāza) – an additional 2-years program. The courses in the upcoming years will be given by Emin Yıldırım and Murat Kayalık, both doctoral students in Islamic Theology and graduates of a 7-years Madrasa program in Turkey which entitles both for the authorization to teach (mūǧaz). We are especially delighted that both, Mr. Yıldırım and Mr. Kayalık have evolved from the IFIS&IZ al-Ġazzālī Academy.

Honorable Prof. Dr. Hüseyin İlker Çınar, who has made a welcoming speech to the nearly 90 students, emphasized i.e. on the excellence, but also about the aim and threats of Knowledge, as well as about what has to be considered during knowledge acquisition. He also underlined the importance of the classic-education in the Arabic language for an intensified study and understanding of the classic literature, but also its essential role as a basic of scientific work in the field of Islamic studies.

The IFIS&IZ al-Ġazzālī Academy together with the scientific Islamic library with more than 70,000 books the largest scientific library in Europa provides a unique and outstanding foundation for future studies.