KUDEM - Sponsoring Association

KUDEM was founded in 2004 to introduce the cultural and artistic treasures of Islam and the Orient into the European society by the organization of courses and other activities.

In addition KUDEM also commits itself as a sponsor of science in whom it supports the Institute for Islamic Studies and Intercultural Cooperation (IFIS&IZ) in the organization of different events and by the provision of the infrastructure.

The present offers and projects of the KUDEM are:

Arts and Culture

  • Courses in calligraphy (hat), water painting (ebru), and illumination (tezhip)
  • Lessons in the classical music instruments
  • Ilahi choir
  • Expansion of the Islamic art collection
  • Organization of various events (art exhibitions and concerts)


  • Expansion of the library collection
  • Organization of symposia and conferences


KUDEM is a charitable organization founded substantially and carried by citizens with a migration background. The members are spread over Germany, Europe and Turkey. Since the foundation of KUDEM the members work together on the extensive building operations and in the organization of various events and activities.

KUDEM is financed exclusively through the membership fees and private donations.

For further information regarding KUDEM and its activities please visit:www.kudem.de